True Love & Relationships

Brad R Banks
5 min readDec 8, 2023

True Love Does Not Need To Be So Difficult:

So many people these days make Love & being in a Relationship so difficult. People are not taking the time to talk to each other about why the other person means so much to them and what they do matters. These are all the things you can & need to do to stay together and make an everlasting & loving relationship. Without any of these listed below, everything will start to fall apart.

Compliments are so easy, but many times compliments are not given. When your partner does something nice for you whether you asked them to, or not, say thank you honey for all that you do for me. Compliments will build trust, bond the love stronger, and show them that you are committed, loyal, and respectful and that what they do for you matters. Compliment them often.

Appreciation and gratitude are strong gestures of love that can go a long way in a relationship. Showing appreciation to your partner makes them want to do more for you and makes them, feel loved and needed. It is a great feeling knowing that they appreciate you. A strong appreciation for what that person has done for you can melt their hearts. Show your appreciation often.

Gratitude is taking a moment to reflect on how lucky you are when something good happens to you, whether it is, big or small be grateful for what they do for you. Never want anything in return when you do something for them. Thank them for all the little things that they do for you. Show your gratitude often.

Respect their feelings, thoughts, emotions, love, judgments, expectations, advice, and respect boundaries. Respect in your relationship builds feelings of trust, and safety, makes them comfortable, and will make you both happy. Show your Respect for them often.

Bonding often with your significant other will make the relationship inseparable. Showing your love, and compassion, and being intimate with them will bond the two of you close together for a lasting relationship. Do things together & confide in each other. Togetherness is a wonderful feeling when you are with the one you love. Bond with them often.

Love them for who they are and how they complete your life with happiness. This intense deep feeling of affection is the most wonderful emotion in the world to experience. It involves commitment, time, mutual trust, and acceptance. When you truly love someone you never turn your back on them when things get tough. Be there for them, work through it, be willing to compromise, and respect them for who they are. Make them a priority in your life with good intentions. To truly love is a very selfless act. Love them often.

Intimacy is also one of the best feelings you can experience. Being intimate releases stress, creates bonding, shows affection, and warms your heart immensely. Intimacy in a relationship is a feeling of being close, emotionally connected, and supported. It means, being able to share a whole range of feelings for each other. Be Intimant with your partner often.

Trust needs to be earned not just given, and when that trust is built over time it can lead to an indestructible relationship. Trust is the foundation of a powerful & meaningful relationship that can last the test of time giving you endless happiness. Trust needs to be there for a relationship to last.

Romance is a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. Buy them flowers, cook meals for them, take them out for dinner, have a date night set aside each week, give them kisses often, leave a love note on their pillow, warm up a towel for them for when they get out of the shower or bath, run her a bubble bath, hold their hand, give them hugs & hold them tight. Romance them often.

Loyalty is a devotion to the one you love and means you will always be by their side no matter what. It is not giving up on them when you have a disagreement or when things get tough. Loyalty means that the one you are with is the only one you want and desire. Always have their back, never give up, be committed, dedicated, and faithful. Always be Loyal to them.

Dedication also means being devoted to the one you love. It takes hard work to be dedicated to the one you love. The ups and downs will come along in life and being dedicated to them means never letting them down, always having their back, and being there for them when things get tough. Always strive and find ways to make things work. Never giving up on them no matter what is true dedication. Always stay Dedicated to both of you.

Honesty is the best policy as they say, and will keep the trust in your relationship. Trust is what will hold everything together, it is like the superglue to it all. Once the superglue deteriorates due to a lack of honesty there is nothing left. Always be Honest with them even if it hurts.

Devote your time to the relationship, do things for each other without asking, and ask for nothing in return. Devoting yourself & simple gestures can go a long way to building the love you have for them. Thank them for the things they do for you and never take them for granted. Devote yourself daily.

Prioritize the other’s needs, wants & desires to show them how much they mean to you without wanting anything in return. When you stop prioritizing their needs and focus just on your needs it will cause the other to lose faith in whether or not you even care or love them anymore. This feeling can cause excruciating pain to the heart of the one who loves you unconditionally. Prioritize your lover’s needs and sensual desires often.

Understanding your partner’s needs, desires, feelings, thoughts, wants and what makes them happy will lead to unbreakable love and devotion. Try to understand where they are coming from when you don't agree on things, and see their point of view, but just remember they have to see your point of view and where you are coming from also. Understanding each other leads to fewer disagreements and a strong bond. Make time to try and understand them.

Compassion for your partner when they are feeling down, sick, hurting, or when they are depressed will show your devotion and the love that you have for them. Compassion means “to suffer together.” and is defined as the feeling that arises when you are confronted with another’s suffering and feel motivated to relieve that suffering. Show Compassion often.


These are all the things you can & need to do to stay together and make an everlasting & loving relationship. Without any of these items listed your relationship will slowly fall apart. Practice these loving deeds daily and always remember it takes two people to make a relationship work and last.



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